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Bahay-Bakasyunan sa Camiguin: Three Days & Two Nights In Paradise.

By: Renz

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Why Camiguin Island?

First, Camiguin Island is politically part of the Northern Mindanao Region of the country and formerly a part of Misamis Oriental province. Camiguin is the second-smallest province in the country in both population and land area so you can basically go on a road trip around the island for a day or two.

Camiguin Island Philippines

Second, If you really want to experience a smooth vacation with no hassle then this destination is for you! with a small land area you can travel tourist spots with an interval time of fifteen to thirty minutes per destination.

Travelling to camiguin island Phillipines

Third, Camiguin has a very low traffic rate since vehicles there are usually motorcycles, transportation from resorts, and a few private cars. The resort we stayed has no security guard. We intentionally left our door rooms open for a couple of hours. Why? Camiguin Island has a zero percent crime rate thus making your vacation a very safe one. 

White island sand in camiguin island

Where to stay?

bahay bakasyunan sa camiguin island

Can you imagine yourself waking up early in the morning with the sound of sea waves and birds chirping? you read it right. We stayed in a resort called Bahay-Bakasyunan sa Camiguin (BCC) located in the barangay of Mambajao, Camiguin Island, Philippines.

BCC has a service to pick up their guest either in the Airport or in the Port of Camiguin island. Making your trip less stressful in commuting and paying additional expense for just a one way trip. When you arrive in the BCC they will provide you some refreshment so that you'll be able to cool down from your travel.

camiguin island resort

If you need to rest or a work vacation then this is simply the best place to be. the place has a very nice ambiance, clean surroundings, awesome customer service, and if you want to work LTE/4G signal has 4 bars there. Sweet!

pool side at bahay bakasyunan sa camiguin

Room rates start at 3,600 pesos (Villa Style) Good for 2 persons and with free breakfast. They also have hot & cold shower, function room, oceanside bar & grill restaurant

bahay bakasyunan sa camiguin villa


  • Van, motorbike, mountain bike rental
  • Game room (Billiard, Table tennis)
  • Fitness gym 
  • Souvenir shop
  • Swimming pool & children's pool
  • Mini day spa & facial massage services
bahay bakasyunan sa camiguin supreme rooms

How was the food?

" I eat a lot more than some food bloggers I know. But I only know the word "delicious" to describe food"

food in camiguin island Philippines

The food we ate during our stay was mouthwatering! Each dish was very tasty and appetizing even in appearance. They have 4 chefs that are ready to cook for you. It was a good experience eating at the sea side since some of the tables are placed under a huge tree.

After the delicious meal we went to the Spa not far from the resort. During the night we ate dinner and then enjoyed one relaxing evening.

Island exploration day!

From the resort we started our tour around the Island. First we went to the sand bar with beautiful white sand. It took us 20 minutes to reach the entry point and 10 minutes via motorboat to reach the sand bar.

Feeling the Summer heat in the middle of January.

There are few huge umbrellas located in the middle of the sand bar where you can shelter if you want to avoid being tanned. Standing in the sand bar you can see one fourth of Camiguin island and that's one view you'll truly appreciate.

After enjoying the beautiful white sand bar we barge again the motorboat and head back to the sand bar entry point.

Cooling off our tans in Katibawasan Falls

We took another 15 minutes trip from the sand bar entry point heading to the entrance of Katibawasan Falls. You'll probably walk around four to 6 minutes to reach the falls itself but you can hear the water splashing from the entrance.

Church Ruins

We took another 13 minutes trip to the Old church Ruins and to tell you the truth it's kinda creepy entering the area, all you'll get too see is the church pillars covered with moss that are really well made. When we we arrive area it was raining so we took umbrellas with us. We stayed there for some pictures and video shoot and it was probably around 10 minutes then traveled to our next destination.

Mantigue Island

Another precious jewel near the shores of Camiguin Island. If you're planning to enjoy the rest of the day with activities. well, you can all find it in this island. Snorkeling, Beach volleyball and a lot more stuff. There's a spot there where tables are well arrange for island visitors to enjoy foods and beverages.

Part of our Mantigue Island trip where we'll never forget is that the weather suddenly went from sunny to cloudy. The ocean waves were strong when we left the island. Luckily our motor boat experience engine malfunction when we were less than a hundred meters away from the shores of Camiguin Island. just to make the story short. Our boat almost flip during our trip!. but it was so epic! ;)

In the evening we went back to the resort and eneded our trip with a smile in our faces. As my fellow blogger say "It's not about the destination. It's about the experience and people you're with during the travel"

Heading back to Cebu!

We got all the luck in our hands! Since the plane landed and is ready to board passengers. Let me explain why I said that, sometimes the pilot doesn't land to the island due to the island's visibility from the sky. Once the island is zero visibility the plane goes back to Mactan Airport and waits for another day before it can travel back to Camiguin Island.

I came back to Cebu with more energy to spare so I went and rode the baggage ramp of the airport since it's one of my bucket-list.

Special thanks to Ms. Suzette Good, the owner of BBC for inviting us over, for BBC staff Ms. Connie for taking care of us during our stay. For rates, more details, inquiry and reservation,check their website

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